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Louis Pitre

Senior Graphic Designer

Louis graduated from the University of Houston’s Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts Graphic Design program. Louis has worked in-house as a graphic designer for Clean Line Energy and also worked for ttweak, a top-tier branding agency in Houston. Louis has a deep understanding of design elements and communications standards necessary to create inviting, simple, and clear narratives. Louis brings a modern and clean aesthetic to his design products and works to ensure that messaging is presented effectively. Louis is a true creative and outside of work enjoys writing music and playing the drums and piano.

Morning ritual: Snooze my alarm twice, stretch, green tea & pushups

Secret talents: Playing piano and drums, music production, and math

Indulgence: Solitude, music & exercise

Source of inspiration: The 80-year old version of myself, and music

Sunday soundtrack: Mix of Electronic, Neo-Jazz, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul

Reading right now?: Principles, by Ray Dalio

Dusk or Dawn?: Neither, Astronomical twilight

Favorite movie: Inception

Life philosophy: Pursue elevation and expansion in everything

I work in PR because: I have a creative and overactive mind, and PR helps channel that creativity

Louis Pitre

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